Davenport University will continue to waive the standardized test (ACT/SAT) requirement for the 2022-2023 academic year. Please continue to send in your student's official high school transcript for review.


600cc全讯白菜网 University, we know choosing a college for your undergraduate degree isn’t easy.

但如果你选择600cc全讯白菜网, you’ll be picking a college that puts you front and center at every stage — from applying for college and choosing a college major to ensuring you have the resources and support you need to succeed. 

When it comes to choosing a college, we don’t want you to stress. That’s why we’ve done our best to anticipate your biggest questions and concerns below. If you can’t find what you’re looking for after exploring this page, we encourage you to reach out to our high school admissions team at hsadmissions@artikulokoto.com or 616.698.7111


One way to know how to choose a college is by picking a college that feels like home. 与600cc全讯白菜网, you’ll be choosing a college that offers you a diverse, energetic learning community filled with opportunities to get involved and make lifelong connections.   


你想知道如何为大学做准备吗? One way is to get a glimpse of where you’re going before you get there. 来参观一下600cc全讯白菜网令人惊叹的 W.A. Lettinga校园 in Grand Rapids and see our state-of-the-art residence halls, rec center and other great facilities. 



If you’re past how to choose a college and know that Davenport is right for you, 现在开始您的免费应用程序. Review our admissions process and deadlines and then dive into applying for college. You can save your progress at any point and return to your application when it’s best for you. 问题? 给600cc全讯白菜网的高中招生团队发邮件 hsadmissions@artikulokoto.com 或打电话 616.698.7111. 你也可以 安排一次虚拟会议



Choosing a college starts with choosing a college major. 毕竟, if a school doesn’t have an academic program in your area of interest, 是时候继续寻找了. 在600cc全讯白菜网, you have dozens of undergraduate degree options — from two-year associate degrees to four-year bachelor’s degrees. 打算继续读研究生? You won’t have to worry about choosing a college again. Davenport has 23 graduate programs in business, technology, health and urban education. 



If you’re still wondering how to choose a college, visiting is one of the best ways to decide. 在600cc全讯白菜网, you can take an hour-long student-led 走 & Talk tour and then meet with an admission representative. 或者参加600cc全讯白菜网全年的活动, from junior and senior days to overnight visits on campus. 

95% of Davenport University students receive financial aid
Davenport offers 250+ scholarships through our generous donors
91% of our students are employed within 6 months of graduating




When choosing a college, choose one that strives to make your education affordable. 600cc全讯白菜网保持 学费和杂费 low and has counselors available to help you with financial aid and scholarships.





From walking you through our dual enrollment and 早期 College High School options to choosing a college major, Davenport’s admissions representatives are ready and willing to help you. 





Picking a college that feels like home is crucial. Choosing a college with opportunities that lead to success is vital. From applying to college to engaging on campus, you’ll find your home at Davenport. 





Davenport’s Global Campus was the first online learning community in Michigan. Now, we offer 50+ degrees through Online+, including many of our undergraduate degree programs. 





拥有40多个学生组织, 35个以上的运动队和每周的活动, 比如电影之夜, 僵尸跑和Pantherpalooza, student life at Davenport offers something for everyone. 





One approach to choosing a college is to take college classes while you’re still in high school. Through our dual enrollment courses you can earn your high school diploma while you earn college credit.





150多年来, Davenport has been helping students gain the knowledge, skills and experience to succeed in their future career. That’s just one reason why 95% of our alumni recommend us!





在选择大学的时候, pick one that offers a study abroad program so you’re ready for the global marketplace. Study in places like the Netherlands, Rome and even Spain.